Testing for knowledge and skills.

Before hiring a caregiver, applicants must pass test to guarantee their understanding of common conditions of aging and disability, and how to help a client in distress. We consistently look for experienced caregivers and give preference to those who have taken classes and attained certification as nurses aides.

On- going staff training.

It's not enough to take a class once. Things change quickly in medicine. This is why we give periodic in services, make training materials available to our staff, and support our caregivers in going back to school to earn higher degrees.

We also train family members to care for their love ones as well!

Screening for safety

Our caregivers undergo rigorous background and Social Security check to be sure there is no history of criminal behavior.

The Compassion Test

During the interview process, we ask our applicants questions about how they would handle common situations. We are looking not only for professional expertise, but also a recognition of the emotional side of caring. After the interview we ask ourselves, Would I want this applicant caring for my mother? Is this caregiver patient enough to handle my father's Alzheimer's? In the unlikely event of a crisis, would this person remain calm and comforting for the client? You cant teach compassion. If the answer is no, we do not hire them.

Client Feedback.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. our goal is to earn and keep your trust to the point that you will happily recommend us to your friends. please keep us abreast of how things are going. when a caregiver goes the extra mile, let us know. And if you have concerns, lets us know as well. We value your insights and set our standards high to be the best homecare company in Philadelphia PA.