On-Going Staff Training  

Things change quickly in the health field. This is why we have training materials available to our staff to keep them informed. 

We also train Family Members to get paid to care for their love ones as well 

Testing For Knowledge And Skills 

The Compassion Test

During the interview process we’ll ask our applicants questions about how they would handle common situations, When dealing with a client. After the interview we ask ourselves, Would I want this applicant caring for my mother? Is this caregiver patient enough to handle my father's Alzheimer's? In the unlikely event of a crisis, would this person remain calm and comforting for the client? You cant teach compassion. If the answer is no, we do not hire them.

Competency Test 

Before hiring a caregiver, applicants must pass a 65 question quiz acknowledging  their understanding of common conditions of aging and disability and how to help a client in distress. 

In-Services Trainings

There’s a in-service training package of 10 tests testing the knowledge of our caregivers on how to deal with elderly clients who deal with:

  • Abuse & Neglect 
  • Personal Care 
  • Skin Care
  • Lifting and transferring 
  • Infection control
  • Depression & Aniexty 
  • Dementia 
  • Blood born pathogen
  • Behavior Management 
  • Alzheimer’s